Leather B&D


Had a fantastic session this week involving leather bondage, crossdressing elements, B&D, torture and body worship.


To begin our session I administered a water enema and then told my slave to release and shower and return to the dungeon naked.
Once he returned I had him stand before me. Instead of a regular collar I had decided on a leather body harness which had a high collar, corseted waist and a crotch strap to prevent butt plugs from exiting.


I strapped slave tightly into the harness and then had him kneel on all fours on the bondage table. I prepared a butt plug and slowly slid it into his ass, quickly snapped the crotch strap closed to hold it firmly in place. I then laced him into some leather thigh high boots and armpit length leather mittens, applied a tight leather hood and took control of his cock with some snug rope bondage.
Satisfied, I motioned for him to lie face down on my bondage rack and quickly secured him with numerous leather straps. Once immobilised I administered a sound spanking followed by a good flogging with a leather flogger.

IMG_4354 IMG_4355

I couldn’t resist undoing the crotch strap and buttplug, strapping on my cock and fucking him up the ass!

Once his backside was a nice shade of pink, I flipped him over onto his back and secured him firmly once again. Now it was time for some fun cock and ball torture (fun for me 😉
Once I had tortured slave enough I decide to sit on his face and ‘force’ him to pleasure me while I used the magic wand to bring him to an explosive climax!