Latex is definitely one of my personal fetishes. I am certainly well equipped for latex fetish, bondage and play. Follows is a menu of some of the rubber based equipment available at my studio for use in session:

  • Catsuits in a range of sizes
  • gloves
  • hoods of many varieties and sizes (open faced, inflatable, double layered, sensory deprivation)
  • latex vac bed with gas mask for the breathing apparatus
  • inflatable latex body bag
  • inflatable straight jacket and pants
  • Inflatable hoods
  • rubber bondage mittens
  • rubber straight jacket
  • rubber leg binder
  • huge selection of gas masks- dildo gas mask, various hoses and rebreathers
  • rubber neck corsets
  • Also keep fetish boots in thigh high/knee high and high heels in large sizes to suit.

I have an extensive fetish wardrobe. I have lots of leather, latex and lingerie that I enjoy wearing in session as well as a great collection of boots (ankle, knee-high, thigh high and crotch high) and high heels in both natural leather or patent leather finishes.

Feel free to request a particular outfit and Ill happily accomodate- just bear in mind that latex catsuits and many fetish outfits take time to get into, so some notice is essential and appreciated.

I enjoy fetish sessions of all types; however I do ADORE latex, and would say I specialise in this area. I also have an extensive collection of leather, PVC, stockings, corsets and lingerie. I have a great range of thigh high boots and stiletto heels of all types (pumps, sandals, peep-toe, and platforms). I own fur coats and evening gowns for those who have a fetish for a Mistress in something softer. Unusual and interesting fetishes respected. Body focused fetish sessions and worship is highly erotic! I really appreciate a submissive’s devotion to his fetish. Balloon and sploshing enthusiasts also welcome

I cater to all cross dressers, partial and full transformations. I am very skilled at applying makeup, false lashes and enjoy it immensely. I have a large selection of wigs and cross dress clothing and heels and boots in large sizes. Sluts, ladies, and rubber dolly’s are all welcome. It’s really satisfying to apply makeup, wigs, corsetry, an outfit, and then stand back to take in my finished ‘product’. Better still is when I get to play with my creation! It’s also very alluring to see a slave wearing a few pieces of sexy black lingerie to enhance his/her assets!

I am also highly experienced in the procedure of saline breast infusion and have had amazing results. I get different results with each person- different body/skin types will determine the size we can achieve. NOTE: the procedure does require an injection point on each breast and there is some level of discomfort.

I also enjoy going out shopping or for a coffee with those crossdressers who would like to get out and about and do regular things. Perhaps we could attend a fetish event if you would like to do something sexier.

I conduct all types of role play/interrogation sessions, from complex to fun scenes.  Boss, secretary, nurse, doctor, prison warden, dominant school girl or head prefect – the options are limitless. I pride myself on being able to take a ‘script’ and bring it to life!

Foot fetish and trampling deserves its own heading I think.  Imagine yourself beneath my feet, my own personal mat or foot stool.  For a more punishing experience, you may prefer the sensation of my stiletto heeled boots or high heels digging into your flesh.   If you please me, I may allow you to worship my perfectly pedicured feet.

This is a relatively new practice that Ive added to my list of kinky pastimes. After experiencing a latex massage myself, thanks to my slave, I decided I MUST also encourage others to try it out. Massages are great at the best of times but through a layer of latex, its electrifying!. If you don’t like the sound of wearing a tight catsuit, I have latex sheets which I can drop over you instead

I have been a lover of very long, polished nails for most of my life. I keep my beautiful long talons manicured and polished to perfection and they provide a perfect contrast against my porcelain skin.

Puppy or pony training – would you like to be my dungeon pet? I really enjoy pony play

Adult babies are most welcome to session with me. If you are a well behaved baby, I will happily become your nurturing care giver. However, naughty babies will receive the most strict and sometimes painful guidance. I can easily slip into a nurturing or cruel character, be it Mummy, Aunt, baby sitter, governess. Potty and nappy training available. I have AB clothing to dress you up in.