Heavy CBT and discipline session


Had a wonderful intense session this past week. It started with slave being sent a a few instructions for his arrival. Slave was to arrive wearing his locked chastity device, a butt plug inserted and some thumb tacks taped to his buttocks for an interesting trip to the dungeon.

On arrival slave was instructed to strip for inspection then he was lead to the Fetters Whipping Horse and strapped in tightly. I removed the buttplug and decided I would start with some asshole torture. Adding a few extra pieces of tape to spread his cheeks and fully expose his ass, I then started to crop, strap and cane the sensitive area. To finish off I then dripped some hot wax onto the already reddened skin.

Deciding it was time to move on to the discipline component of the session, I undid the leather straps holding slave in place and directed him to the bondage rack. I quickly secured him face down and inserted a large inflatable, vibrating butt plug. Satisfied that my victim was immobilised sufficiently I then began to warm up his ass cheeks-firm spanking, strapping and finishing with an intense caning, pushing slave to his limit.

It was then time for some CBT. flipped slave onto his back on the rack and rendered him immobile. I subjected the willing pain slut to intense clamping, stretching, needles and electrics. During this phase of the session slave was fitted with a special gag of my panties that I pissed on and shoved into his mouth and used tape to hold them in place.

After 3 hours of intense punishment (that slave took extremely well) I decided he was entitled to a reward of my my golden shower. I removed the panty gag and straddled his face, instructing him to open his his mouth and drink every drop. I allowed slave to orgasm but informed him that his session wasn’t quite finished, that he was to shower and return naked to the dungeon. On his return I used a stubborn to remove red lipstick and drew the letter “I” on the head of his cock. I then rubbed deep heat on his shaft and balls. Things started to heat up as I told slave to dress and walked him to the door and we said our goodbyes. Another fantastic session.

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