Is it restraint you desire? I consider bondage one of my most favourite kinky pastimes. There is something intoxicating about binding someone, piece by piece, adding to the intensity until the victim is completely immobilised. I am proficient in rope bondage, leather restraint and suspension, mummification, latex bondage, hoods (Inc inflatable), gags, blindfolds and total encasement. If you are in need of a lighter restraint session, perhaps a more sensual bondage and tease would suit, with simple cuffs holding you in place. Whatever the intensity, a bound slave, straining against his bondage, always brings a wicked smile to my face.

I have plenty of leather bondage equipment including:

  • fully enclosed leather bodybag with straight jacket top
  • leather straight jacket
  • leather full arm binders
  • leather hanging cage
  • leather mittens
  • leather slave harness
  • selection of leather hoods
  • leather boots for enthusiasts.
  • many leather straps
  • Fetters deluxe whipping fucking bench

I delight in accurately administering corporal punishment at any level. Perhaps you like to be taken over the knee for a domestic style spanking, or enjoy a thorough thrashing with use of the crop, strap, cane or single tail? I enjoy delivering punishment in the traditional fashion too- corporal/judicial/school. Regardless of your threshold, or implement of choice, I will take great pleasure in delivering the necessary punishment. I also cater to those who prefer an all over body whipping with the cat, and for those who prefer caning on other areas, such as hands and bottoms of feet.

Perhaps you would like to ‘learn the ropes’ in a safe and information rich environment in order to enhance play with your partner. Get in touch and we can devise a training program that suits your kinky interests.

Where to start? This is one other area I specialise in, mainly because I enjoy it so much! I cater from light to extreme torture sessions. I am experienced in medical and electro torture, saline infusion, piercing and suturing, temporary body modification, nailing and fishhooks, urethral stretching, and catheterisation. I also take great pleasure in the less invasive forms of cock torture. Pegs, bondage and stretching, hot wax and Dencorub, pin wheel…plus many more ways to erotically torment your most sensitive parts

As with CBT, you can experience nipple torture to varying levels of intensity. I am experienced in mild to extreme. Clamps, hot wax, pumping, Electro stem clamps,nipple stretching and suspension piercing, and of course my long painted nails always make for a delicious implement of torture.

Verbal and public humiliation are lots of fun. Perhaps you would like to be humiliated in front of another Mistress or submissive.Strict through to playful. Let me cut you down to size, I’ll soon have you grovelling at my feet – where you belong! My imposing stature alone is enough to make you feel inferior.