Finally an update!


Things have been very busy session wise, lots of new comers as well as my wonderful regulars. The new medical room is getting a real workout and Im adding gear to it regularly. Ive started work on my Cross Dress room now. So far just a coat of paint and a rug and my MANY boxes and crates of crossdress and transformation items. I have some wonderful chest plates in modest to outrageous sizes, silicon feminisation hood and vagina pants and even a pregnancy belly. Ive got LOADS of makeup and lingerie and outfits which will take me some time to hang and assemble- I can only get to these projects when i have downtime which is minimal. All these items can be used in Dungeon of course before the sissy room is ready for play.

You might notice that I have recently added a photo tour of the Dungeon and Medical room to the page.

Ive also recently done a photoshoot and am waiting on the remainder of images which will end up on this site and social media accounts. Ill attach one here as a teaser.

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