It’s always refreshing to session with people who are exploring BDSM for the first time. Let me guide you safely through the realms of bondage and discipline. I often say that your first session is the worst- due to nerves related to taking the plunge but I pride myself on providing a positive first experience and welcome into the world of fetish and fantasy.

Gas masks, Gas mask bubbler bottle, hoods, plastic bags, face sitting/smothering, breast smothering and gloved hands are all methods of breath control that I enjoy.

I have a few professional dominant males and also slaves that I use in session for forced bi or those wanting to experience a M/M sexual encounter under my guidance. Deposits are essential.

Extended and overnight sessions can be arranged If I have not had a session with you previously, deposits will be required.

I always feel a sense of power when I strap on my cock, and even more so, once I have penetrated a slave! Again, you can choose the level of intensity you desire. Perhaps you prefer external tease and stimulation or prostate milking. Those more seasoned anal enthusiasts may enjoy the intense experience of anal fisting, or perhaps you are working towards this goal. I feel an intense power exchange when I enter a slave with my fist, it is amazing. I really enjoy using butt plugs

I do lots of these types of sessions. I love to use my hands, body, Hitachi Wand and Venus Milker to both sensually (and a bit sadistically) extract as many orgasms from you as humanly possible. My favourite thing is having my subject strapped firmly into bondage first before the real fun begins!

I have a Venus 2000 Milking machine available for use in my dungeon. If you are unfamiliar with this machine there are plenty of videos online showcasing its use.

The Sybian is an incredibly intense vibrating sex machine- its designed for females but does have an anal plug attachment. Its worth googling a Sybian to see it in action!

I enjoy all types of body adoration, including intimate body worship.

Whether it be as a reward for punishment taken or just for my pleasure, I may allow you to worship me. I engage in face sitting, breath control and smothering scenes.

I can make medical fantasy as intense or erotic as you like. If it’s a lighter session you desire, perhaps a nurse/doctor role play, and intimate examination. For the submissive that requires heavier or extreme medical procedures, consider yourself in good hands – see CBT section. I also love to mix latex in with my medical sessions with willing patients, as it can have a very clinical (yet very sensual) feel to it. I have a medical wardrobe to choose from, which caters to tastes from fetish/sexy to clinical wear/ scrubs and surgical.

Another favourite of mine! Whether you want to add a golden shower as part of your session, or just want to be used as a urinal, I really get a kick out of it all. Golden showers can be sensual, however if you require a “forced” scene, I will gladly accommodate. I have a range of specially designed gags that will help you comply as well as a torture toilet so that your head is kept firmly in place. I quite enjoy an erotic water sports session including mutual play.

I conduct all forms of toilet training sessions, for those who see it as a sensual experience and also those who prefer a humiliating one. If you are looking to push your boundaries, I will be more than happy to oblige. Beginners are most welcome and limits will be respected. If you are just starting to explore, keep in mind, that it will be a gradual process. It is best to book at least the day before you want your session to fall on, and a deposit is appreciated if I haven’t seen you previously (which will be deducted from your session costs). Roman showers and menstrual play are available to those who enjoy it. Deposits essential

Adult babies are most welcome to session with me. If you are a well behaved baby, I will happily become your nurturing care giver. However, naughty babies will receive the most strict and sometimes painful guidance. I can easily slip into a nurturing or cruel character, be it Mummy, Aunt, baby sitter, governess. Potty and nappy training available. I have AB clothing to dress you up in.