Cross dress and forced bi session


I had a a really sexy 7 hr hour crossdressing session this week. It started with a full transformation for my sissy slave with makeup, false eyelashes, blonde wig, false nails painted red and a saline breast infusion to give her a large bust. Once made up I dressed her a lovely black corset, black panties and then over the top she dressed in a cute black and pink bustier and tight knee length pencil skirt. Very high, black stiletto heels finished the outfit as well as a fine mist of girly perfume.



Once dressed I inserted a butt plug into my crossdressers tight ass to loosen it up for some fun that was soon to happen. I had invited my friend and Sydney based porn star ‘Dick Savvy’ “The Naked Barber” over to use my girly plaything. Dick arrived and after a quick introduction , he and I pounced on the pretty crossdresser. We sandwiched her between us and felt her up, groping her all over.


Before long she was sucking his cock and while she did, I fucked her with my strap on cock.

After I had finished fucking her Dick threw her on her back on the bondage table, I held her legs back and spread and he started fucking her. Covered in a light film of sweat, we swapped positions and I fucked the blonde bimbo while she was on her back and Dick fucked her face with his cock until he came and shot all over her face.

IMG_4205 IMG_4216 IMG_4208

What a hot end to a great session!