Erotic latex session


While I do a lot of heavy play, I also enjoy the lighter and more erotic aspects of fetish play and BDSM. I had a great time with a latex fetishist on the weekend. We both dressed from head to toe in glossy rubber- catsuits, hoods, boots, gloves and corsets and completed the look with a long rubber coat. Layers of cool rubber being added on top of already warm latex feels divine! Once dressed we opened and enjoyed a bottle of champagne and discussed our mutual love of the fetish and fantasies we were yet to act out.

After a few glasses were consumed we moved on to polishing each other all over till we were both glistening from head to foot. Then we moved on to give each other an erotic ‘latex massage’-  if you have ever experienced a massage while wearing latex you will know it is absolute heaven! We  also used the hitachi magic wand to give each other a more sensual massage.

All that latex on latex was intensely exciting and some body worship was soon to follow.  Latex really is the most sensual fabric!

IMG_2932 IMG_2921 IMG_2973