Extended Mummification session


Last week I experienced an intense extended mummification session where the slave wanted to really be pushed to the limit. He was to be mummified in shrink wrap then tape added over the top. During the course of the session I was to add multiple layers of wrap and tape to increase the intensity of the bondage. I had complete control as to when the session would end. In an amazing show of stamina and endurance the slave lasted 4hours in this position- stood up only when I wanted to add another layer of wrap or tape.

IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2451 IMG_2476He was gagged with a breathing tube gag, which was worn for the majority of the time.
It was hot within all those layers and after an extended period the slave began to fatigue, muscles became uncomfortable as well as the element of psychological torture. I taunted him saying that I had planned to leave him there over night and that he would only be released when I thought the time was right. After 4 hours I cut him free from his cocoon, exhausted and extremely satisfied.
I too felt elated- not just from the element of control but also being there with with the slave, experiencing his highs and lows- both physically and emotionally and riding them out alongside him, a little bit sadistic but also quite encouraging.