Castration fetish session


I had another request for my mother to join in a session- this time a castration role-play. My Mother has been christened Lady Anthea and has really enjoyed taking part in sessions.

The submissive had requested that Anthea wear leather and I wear rubber. I was to play the role of Governess and Anthea would star as the Doctor.
The naughty ‘boy’ was a repeat offender and had been caught in the act of self pleasuring yet again. His grades had been slipping and in fact it was not his first time being reprimanded by his Governess for such offences. After trying spanking and grounding as punishment with no success, the Governess approached her Doctor friend for some advice on the matter.
It was decided that the ‘boy’ should be ‘castrated’ for his own good. This would help him focus on his studies and cure him of his sexual obsessions. His obsessions were breasts and shiny high heeled shoes. The sub was called into the clinic. It was then that the Doctor and Governess demanded a confessional from the the ‘boy’ and then they described the treatment prescribed. The Governess showed the offender the Elastrator and Burdizzo after helping him into the medical chairs stirrups. He was fastened into position with restraints and then the procedure was described to him.
The Governess stroked the wayward students hair while the doctor clamped the burdizzo around the scrotum “We are only trying to help you”. Deciding that they wanted a nice neat finish, the Governess applied the rubber band with the help of the Elastrator- that would take the testes away completely.
It was decided that he would be milked one last time post procedure and then the student was sent to recovery. He was to be a far more docile and studious individual from that day forward.
(note: castration role-play, not actual castration)