Intense latex, bondage, torture and toilet training


Great session today with a slave who requested he really be pushed to his limits. Slave entered the dungeon already wearing his latex hood with his cock locked away in a chastity device and handed me the key before I dressed him in a tight latex catsuit

Since his cock was securely locked away I placed him in tight bondage, face down on the rack. This position gave me full access to his exposed balls and ass. I attached some electrodes to his balls and inserted an electro buttplug before turning on the erostek and gradually increasing the intensity until the slave had reached his limit.

After a change of position (leather restraints and mummification and gag in place) I unlocked the chastity device so I could continue the electro torture on his cock and pushed him to the point of using his safe word.  I then did some ball busting using mostly my hands and nails to slap and squeeze his balls until he called for mercy.

Next position was on my medical chair where I removed the electro plug and replaced it with my strap on cock.

To finish I put slave into my bondage table, he was in a straight jacket and legs spread wide and cuffed to the bench. I fastened his body to the table with rope and placed my torture toilet over his head and inserted a spreader gag into his mouth to hold it open. We finished with toilet play while I forced him to come with my powerful hitachi wand.