Photos from a great session this week. Leather, bondage, torture and CP


Heres some photos from a great session this week.
Now that the weather is a bit cooler I have really been enjoying being able to use my heavy leather bondage gear, especially my straight jacket bodybag.
This particular session included elements of bondage, discipline and torture. I was excited to try out my new electro nipple clamps on my slave, with great success!
I used hot wax and needles to torture his cock and balls as well as electro and other cruel devices such as Kalis teeth. I also took great pleasure in digging my long, sharp nails into his cock and balls.

As a reward slave was allowed to worship my soft leather boots and my leather covered ass.

I administered a sound strapping and caning to slaves buttocks. I also enjoyed some Bastinado, punishing the soles of his feet with a crop and a fine whippy cane.

Throughout the discipline and torture my slave was kept in bondage, mostly leather- straight jacket and straps, bodybag, arm binders etc. I thought Id coordinate my outfit appropriately with a tight leather mini dress and thigh high leather boots.

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