Sissy entered the Dungeon wearing fishnets, suspenders, crotchless panties and a pink tutu. Strapping him down on the rack immediately and insert the hitachi with the G Spot attachment into his ass.


I began spanking until his buttocks were bright red in colour before moving on to a flogger, strap and leather paddle leaving the glowing backside more than ready for the cane. Selecting a cane, flexing it and satisfied with the instruments dimensions I bring it down across the sissies ass. Four sets of six complete the caning and each stinging stroke has left a welt, a mark or a bruise.

Once Mistress is satisfied, slave is put into a tight leather straight jacket, hood and then bound to the rack face up, a spreader bar completes the picture. Cock and ball torture to amuse myself next and I torment my victim with a vice, pegs and clamps and lock Kali’s Teeth device around the base of his cock- the harder he gets the more the internal spikes dig into his flesh.

IMG_8691   IMG_8694
Deciding I required the sissy in a more exposed position I move him, still dressed in his pink tutu onto my operating table, with legs in the stirrups and arms secured by his sides. I have electro torture in mind and hook up the electric butt plug and electrodes to his cock and gradually increase the intensity till it becomes painful and I watch slave strain against his bondage. As the electrics continue, I force the sissy to cum amidst the pulses after some torturous, extended orgasm control.