Extended torture session while on tour


I really had a fantastic stay in Melbourne. It was lovely to meet so many new slaves and fetishists and catch up those I knew. Ill definitely be back soon and stay a bit longer.

On My last day I enjoyed an intense six hour torture and Mistress choice session.
Slave knocked at the door which I opened and motioned for him to enter. I was dressed in My new super tight black latex catsuit and corset, polished to shiny perfection and teamed with a pair of black patent thigh high platform boots.


Once inside, slave presented gifts of champagne and chocolates and was ordered to strip naked, kneel and hand me his wallet. I removed the tribute and counted it in front of him as he knelt before me. Before the champagne was even opened I demanded slave lie on his back, I unzipped my catsuit and knelt over his mouth and instructed him to drink every drop of my warm piss which he did without spilling a single drop. Slave was to be my own personal urinal for the 6 hour period.

Slave served the champagne and I then got work with a set of sounds. Slowly fucking his urethra with the surgical steel rods, starting with the finer gauge and gradually increasing till it was stretched to capacity. I indulged in many forms of CBT- bondage, pegs, stretching, squeezing and caning.
Before moving on to some piercing I used slave as a urinal again. I inserted many needles into his and balls including the head.

IMG_8485 IMG_8482

In between torture, champagne and piss play, I used slaves face as a seat for some face sitting, breath control and worship. By the end of the 6 hours we were both exhausted and satisfied. My sadistic itch had definitely been scratched and I had to compose myself and race to get to the airport for my plane back to Sydney.