Double Mistress Medical Session


I had the pleasure of a double Mistress session with a friend I used to work with at Salon Kitty’s. Although she is not out of retirement she does enjoy coming along for the odd double domination session. The session we embarked on yesterday was so much fun and highly erotic!

The scene is a medical fantasy and patient is going to be subjected to our somewhat bizarre experiments. I played the part of Head Professor and Mistress T played the role of my young promising student in training.

On arrival at the facility, the patient was stripped and given a large enema by myself. He was instructed to release properly, shower and head to the treatment room. Once he appeared, I inserted a vibrating butt plug to ‘prepare’ him for further exploratory examination later on. He was then strapped down on my operating table and I left the room to collect my student. I introduce the patient to my most promising student, Ms T. She is very enthusiastic, petite blonde, sexy and smart as hell.
Our main experiments were to to include- 1) how far we could dilate his urethra with the use of sounds 2) How far we could stretch his ass and 3) how many times we could make him orgasm in a 2hr period.

We took turns fucking his urethra slowly- gradually increasing the gauge to capacity. Once we reached the limit we decided it was time for orgasm number one. It was achieved using my powerful Doxy massage wand. We collected the semen sample for analysis.

I decided that a brief rest was allowed for slave to recover and M T and I moved the patient into a more exposed position, with his legs high in stirrups. We manage to make the patient stand to attention again rather quickly with some breast worship. While one offered comfort the other began stretching the patients ass. Once satisfied with our anal component of the experiment- it was time for another orgasm. Using the wand again and still applying anal penetration we brought the patient to another intense orgasm. He claimed we were ‘killing him’ haha but agreed to continue.

Position change again and this time we fastened him to the leather covered slab in a starfish position. Deciding we may need to offer further encouragement to achieve yet another orgasm we subjected the patient to some face sitting and a golden shower on his cock simultaneously and managed to force him to climax one last time before he admitted defeat.
I took a couple of photos right at the beginning but soon forgot about the camera as we got deeply involved!