Chastity, humiliation, blackmail and financial domination


Lately I have been taking on a few chastity/financial(the two seem to go hand in hand but not always) slaves, some in real time and others remotely. I set weekly humiliating tasks and for my trouble an agreed amount is payed into my account. I set one of my slaves the task of documenting our arrangement/relationship so far. I certainly am having a lot of fun with him!
Here are some photos of his cock painfully trapped in the chastity device- serves him right for getting hard! Enjoy the fantasy from his point of view by reading his assignment below:

“Mistress has asked me to tell the story of how I came to be in the situation I’m in- blackmailed, owned and locked in chastity.
Where to start…..I’ve talked to many Mistresses over the years, some great, but many bad. I’ve been burnt more than once by money hungry Mistress’s, that have no passion/understanding of kink.
Despite my bad experiences, this fetish of mine controls me and once again I found myself looking for another Mistress.
I contacted Mistress over 2 months ago, asking if she was interested in blackmail and financial domination. Being a true professional, she asked/listened to what I could afford, my limits and any fantasies I may have. With that, Mistress setup some rules to push my limits, agreed on a weekly amount, with humiliating tasks once a week. Original contract was set for 6 weeks and a buy out at the end. After sending Mistress some blackmailing pics to make sure I followed the rules, the game started.
From the get go, I could tell Mistress was into this for the pure passion for kink, and not just another Mistress wanting cash. You can just tell she loves it!!!
Mistress sent ME a chastity cage, with a lock and of course no key. No more wanking that little clit, as she put it.
As the weeks went by, I was subjected to many humiliating shopping trips for panties, making sure they were bought from a lingerie shop and not something easy like big W. Once I was told to buy a cucumber, lube and condoms and must be purchased through a checkout. That look on the checkout girl will stay with me for ever. Iv even purchased Mistress’s very own unwashed panties and wear them with pride, of course after I smelt them and licked them all over.
Mistress would send me a quick txt saying, just had lunch, cost $$. Pay now. Such a great feeling being able to pay for such little things. She knows I’m not rich, but pushes the limits, keeps that rush going.
The 6 weeks went past so quick. I asked Mistress if I could continue to be owned by her. She accepted my pathetic ness and continues to own me.
Things have stepped up a lot, firstly with a higher buyout fee, I’m now in panties 24/7, with random txt from Mistress to prove I’m in some sexy little panties for her. She ordered me to cut up all my men’s underwear as only real men wear them. One day Mistress demanded I take her shopping. First shop was a lingerie shop, Mistress made sure we spoke to a gorgeous young sales assistant then made it VERY clear to the lady that the panties were for me. When I shop, I grab the first pair of panties I find and pay and run, if ever asked”they are for the girlfriend’. Not this time, oh no, we went from one style to the next, with the lady asking me what style I like/colour etc. I could tell Mistress was having a great time! I was then ordered to go to the toilets and put my fav new pair on. We then went to another shop, were Mistress picked some clothes out, I followed like a little puppy. When it was time to pay, Mistress just gave me a look and I knew it was time to pay the lady. I have no doubt that lady knew what was going on.
We went back to her amazing dungeon full of just about every toy imaginable and she proceeded to give me a good old spanking. The way she pulled my panties up my bum and proceeded to spank me was absolutely perfect! I left that day, humiliated and with new panties,a new dildo to practice on and that lovely burning sensation from a red bum. One happy blackmailed slave.
Mistress knew I watched too much porn on my phone, she told me to call in on the way home from work one day. She got my phone and locked out access to any porn sites.
We now have a open contract with no real ending with continually added rules, getting me deeper and deeper.
She has set goals, like wearing panties 24/7 is on for another 3weeks. She is now looking at putting cameras through my house so she can watch me 24/7. She wants me to know she could be watching me anytime, without notice. Especially if given a task like, to suck a dildo for a period of time, that my mouth is wrapped around it for the whole time. Or just to be told to stand in the corner or sleep on the floor. No cheating!!! Big brother (or Mistress haha)will be watching!!
Mistress knows, like many slaves, we want to run away from time to time, being Embarrassed by it all and want to be ‘normal’. She knows I have these feelings and controls them so well in a professional way. It’s funny, I know that i can leave anytime by paying the buy out fee but at the same time I know I’m truly blackmailed by my Mistress. She owns me and she knows exactly how to torment me. Such perfection/passion for what she does.
This week will be another big week, as I’ve ordered a credit card for Mistress. I told Mistress it would be here this week, so hopefully the mail man delivers it today or I’m in big trouble.”