Finally an update!

Things have been very busy session wise, lots of new comers as well as my wonderful regulars. The new medical room is getting a real workout and Im adding gear to it regularly. Ive started work on my Cross Dress room now. So far just a coat of paint and a rug and my MANY […]

Heavy CBT and discipline session

Had a wonderful intense session this past week. It started with slave being sent a a few instructions for his arrival. Slave was to arrive wearing his locked chastity device, a butt plug inserted and some thumb tacks taped to his buttocks for an interesting trip to the dungeon. On arrival slave was instructed to […]

A long overdue update-new medical room

It’s been a long time since my last blog update although i am fairly active on my social media accounts. Lots has been happening. Ive just completed work on my new medical room filled with medical supplies, realistic uniforms and PPE. Looking forward to conducting both erotic medical role-play and more intense medical play scenes. […]