Account of yesterdays kidnap session- was so much fun!


Dressed in black mini dresses and boots My self and a Mistress friend lured a man who was having car troubles into our vehicle. With the promise of a ride to a near by mechanic, the man was easily coerced. When asked to jump into the back seat with my younger ‘sister’ he took one look at her angelic baby face and hopped right in without another thought.
Before he knew what was happening he had been hooded, gagged and restrained by two Amazons. We drove around with him in the back seat for a while, taunting him and letting him know what we had in store once we reached our destination. All he could do mumble through the gag in a pathetic protest.
We arrive back at My dungeon, with a quick scan of the surroundings we roughly drag our victim from the car and force him inside. Once inside we threaten him with the most horrid consequences if he fails to meet our demands. Still semi bound, he is forced to strip naked before us both. We both leer and comment how nice it is to have “some fresh meat to play with”. I empty his wallet as he strips.



Our next move has him all fours with wrists and ankles secured to a bondage bench. Once strapped down and unable to escape we decide to change into an outfit more fitted to the type of women we really are and to reveal our true selves. Latex mini dress and thigh boots and corset, topped off with a massive black strap on cock.

IMG_7907 IMG_7989IMG_8001

I rip off the hood and he takes in his surroundings. Before he has time to do so Mistress A has jumped up on the bench and shoved her cock into his mouth and begins trusting in and out despite muffled protests which make us both laugh. I get behind and slide my strap on into his ass, he lets out a muffled groan. Spit roasting the captive, swapping from end the other until we have had enough. Once he has been thoroughly violated in both holes, I throw his clothes at him, telling him to get dressed. Once dressed we hood him and drag him, exhausted to the car. We drive around until we find his vehicle again and being the considerate ‘rapists’ that we are- boot him out onto the curb just beside it. We tear the hood off before jumping in the car and speeding off laughing at his expense…I would say thats the last time he accepts help from strange Women 😉