Unusual session request


So I had an unusual request for my Mother to join myself and a slave in session. I asked her and to my surprise, she agreed. Since then we have done quite a few together, I must admit she is a natural! The session we had this week was with a plastic/PVC/latex fetishist who enjoys heavy bondage, breath control in the form of bagging and elements of infantilism and humiliation.
Slave had requested we both wear latex- I chose red and my Mother wore black.
We began by taunting the slave and forced him into some girly ruffled plastic panties and a clear plastic dress. I shoved a pacifier into her mouth and taped it in. Continuing with the clear theme, we both wrapped sissy plastic girl up in transparent cling film and fastened her to the bondage table. Once secured in place we took turns smothering and tormenting the plastic fetishist with latex face sitting, plastic bagging and the hitachi. Every so often we would slap her across the face and spit into the plastic bag on her head- forcing the spit covered bag to cling to her face when I pressed the air out of the bag.
Plastic sissy is quite a brat and it was decided she needed a sound spanking. After fastening the sissy baby to the rack- spreader bar in place we began spanking and paddling till the bottom was glowing red. I also added a vibrating butt plug for my amusement. Sissy was subjected to tickle torture in each position too.
Once satisfied with the spanking we dressed sissy in a total enclosure plastic suit- complete with hood. To increase the intensity we then forced her into a rubber straightjacket and leg binder set and smothered her with layers of plastic bags till she begged for mercy- I removed a few layers of bags and stuck the sweaty, ruffled plastic panties on her face so she could smell her own butt haha and then forced the sissy to orgasm through all the layers of plastic and rubber with the hitachi.
Great session!

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