Ball Busting session this week


Had an intense ball busting session last night. The slave is definitely on the heavy scale of things where ball busting is concerned. You can experience ball torture at a lighter level if you wish- it doesn’t have to be extreme and can be modified to suit all pain thresholds.

I ended up adding 20 kilos in weight to his balls and once he tired I decided it was time to drag the heavy weights along the floor for my amusement. Slave had failed to complete a physical task to my satisfaction and earned himself 5 strokes of the cane on a cold backside. The welts look very erotic.

img_0741 img_0742

I removed the weights and repositioned slave then reattached them. I used a crop to punish the tightly bound balls and then used a stingy,super light cane on them until I drew blood. I took a metal ball crusher and went to town on one of his testicles- this lead to an unauthorised orgasm. Despite  the fact the slave had cum, the punishment continued. I moved on to bondage and suspension, squeezing and electro torture- also squashed his bruised balls into a perspex crusher. Then we moved onto some ball kicking and slave took many swift kicks to his painful balls. When slave finally used his safe word, he amazed me by reaching orgasm a second time. What a fantastic session!!



img_0743 img_0744