Account of yesterdays kidnap session- was so much fun!


Dressed in black mini dresses and boots My self and a Mistress friend lured a man who was having car troubles into our vehicle. With the promise of a ride to a near by mechanic, the man was easily coerced. When asked to jump into the back seat with my younger ‘sister’ he took one look at her angelic baby face and hopped right in without another thought.
Before he knew what was happening he had been hooded, gagged and restrained by two Amazons. We drove around with him in the back seat for a while, taunting him and letting him know what we had in store once we reached our destination. All he could do mumble through the gag in a pathetic protest.
We arrive back at My dungeon, with a quick scan of the surroundings we roughly drag our victim from the car and force him inside. Once inside we threaten him with the most horrid consequences if he fails to meet our demands. Still semi bound, he is forced to strip naked before us both. We both leer and comment how nice it is to have “some fresh meat to play with”. I empty his wallet as he strips.