6 hour sissification, human ashtray and torture session


Last week I had the pleasure of a 6 hr sissification, smoking fetish, human ashtray, mistress choice session. It was intense from start to finish, the slave having his behaviour ‘corrected’ with a cigarette burn to either nipples or cock and balls whenever I was displeased with his performance as a slave or ashtray.
To begin I did a full sissy transformation- makeup, wig and a frilly outfit with a tutu. Then I moved on to some bondage, discipline and torture while smoking in front of the sissy which kept him under my spell, being a smoking fetishist.
I made the sissy ride the Sybian with a butt attachment (Sybian is designed for women but I thought it was fitting for my sissy slave)
I named the sissy ‘Ash-ley the Ashtray and proceeded to use her mouth to put out my cigarettes and also contain the butts.
Later on a Mistress friend dropped by to assist with some strap on worship training while I fucked the slave before achieving a fisting (his first time)
Toward the end, I hooked the exhausted ‘Ash-ley the Ashtray up to the Venus 2000 Milker and she was finally allowed some release.